The Dark Side of God


The Dark Side of God

A Quest for the Lost Heart of Christianity

A controversial examination of Christian teaching and the problem of evil.

The Dark Side of God examines the origins of Christian belief and power struggles between the various emergent ‘churches’, each claiming to be the rightful heirs of Jesus’ teachings. He shows how the Roman Church abandoned its spiritual mission in pursuit of power, and looks at the long-term effect on the Western world.

The underlying message, however, is one of hope for anyone interested in regaining a sense of spiritual purpose.

Is God insane?
With these provocative words Douglas Lockhart set out to ask some hard questions about Christian teaching and the problem of evil in a world from which God seems absent when most needed.



“Your work is a profound influence and inspiration.” –

Anne Rice , Author of: Christ the Lord, Mennoch the Devil, & Servant of the Bones

“The underlying message of the Dark Side of God is one of hope for all who currently strive to free themselves from misguided belief and regain a true sense of spiritual purpose.”

John Baldock: Author of: The Alternative Gospel


384 pages. 234x156mm. Hardback
ISBN 1 86204 458 9. Non Fiction

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