The Teachings of a Greek Magus


“What Douglas Lockhart has to offer is intelligible, relevant and profoundly necessary to each of us.”

Richard Leigh,  Author of: The Holy Blood & the Holy Grail
Sabazius – An Introduction by Richard Leigh


“A fascinating yoga parable and very much for our time”

Lawrence Durrell


“A fascinating book and a worthwhile one.”

Colin Wilson

“I read Skirmish (first nine chapters of Sabazius) in one sitting. The cosmological vision carries more than a hint of the superman theme such as you find in Olaf Stapledon’s writings. As for all the oblique teaching – the whole book is really a Teach Yourself Handbook – that and the sly wit reminded me very pleasantly of Ouspensky. I’m sure you have a cult book on your hands.”

Brian W. Aldiss


“A work of creative imagination that takes the reader into the experience of another world, a world that is here around us at all times, but which is difficult to perceive for it is beyond the scope of our normal limits of consciousness. The book takes the reader beyond those limits as it tells the story of Peter Derwent, his meeting with Alexis Sabazius, a modern-day magus and Man of Feeling. The end result is a remarkable conveyance of experience from author to reader and is a true work of art.”

New Life Magazine


At a business conference in South Africa, Peter Derwent meets Alexis Sabazius. Disillusioned with his own way of life, Derwent is fascinated by the Greek’s vitality and strength. After a series of curious, mystical experiences, he learns that Sabazius is ‘A Man of Feeling’, and asks to become his pupil. Sabazius is the story of Derwent’s apprenticeship and initiation.

Douglas Lockhart has not written a conventional novel; rather he has used a fictional form to define and elucidate a complete philosophy – a philosophy of ‘heart’, ‘will’ and ‘doubt’, a seeing beyond normal perception which everyone has experienced, with varying degrees of consciousness, at some time.

Sabazius is at once a complex, mystical journey into the unexplored potential of the human mind and body, a satisfying and often witty account of a teacher-pupil relationship that will appeal to readers off Carlos Castaneda, and a forceful tale of discovery and danger. It is also a work that will linger on in the reader’s mind, prompting him to ask some fundamental and often disturbing questions about himself and his view of the world around him.

304 pages. 234x156mm.Paperback
ISBN 1 85230 970 . Fiction
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 Historical Note:

Sabazius evolved from the earlier books “Skirmish”, and “Song of the Man Who Came Through”.

  • Hardback (expanded) version of “Song Of the Man who Came Through” (294 pages) published by Compton Press, Wiltshire, England 1977.
  •  Paperback edition of Song of the Man, 294 pages published by Element Books in 1978.
  •  First German paperback edition (335 pages) of Song of the Man (Wer den Wind Reitet: Ein westlicher Weg zum Selbst) published by Eugen Diederichs Verlag,  1984.
  •  Second paperback German edition of Song of the Man, 335 pages published by Diederichs, 1984.
  •  First Spanish paperback edition of Song of the Man, 599 pages published as “Sabazius” by Sirio of Malaga, 1989.
  •  Second Spanish edition of Sabzius (599 pages) published by Sirio, 1990.