Published Works


1: Mind in Transition: Third-Wave Secular Humanism’s Challenge to the Postmodern World
2: The Babylonian Lottery: The Social, Intellectual and Religious Implications of Going Beyond the Limitations of Language

3: The Case Against Fatalistic Determinism: Language, Mind and Awareness in Relation to an Illusory Self that Forgets to  Remember Itself into Existence

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 Skirmish: The Cosmological Vision of Alexis Sabazius.
Hardback novel, 182 pages published by Peter Own Limited, London 1975. This book deals in a no-nonsense manner with the phenomenon of the teacher /pupil relationship.

 Song of the Man Who Came Through:

  • Hardback (expanded) version of the above novel (294 pages) published by Compton Press, Wiltshire, England 1977.
  •  Paperback edition of Song of the Man, 294 pages published by Element Books in 1978.
  •  First German paperback edition (335 pages) of Song of the Man (Wer den Wind Reitet: Ein westlicher Weg zum Selbst) published by Eugen Diederichs Verlag,  1984.
  •  Second paperback German edition of Song of the Man, 335 pages published by Diederichs, 1984.
  •  First Spanish paperback edition of Song of the Man, 599 pages published as “Sabazius” by Sirio of Malaga, 1989.
  •  Second Spanish edition of Sabzius (599 pages) published by Sirio, 1990.

 Julia Flips her Lid:
Stage play dealing with awareness and consciousness performed in Hobart, Tasmania, through Theatre Works in conjunction with the Australia Arts Council, 1994.  

Second (updated) paperback edition of Song of the Man, 313 pages published by Element Books, UK in 1997 due to continuing demand.

 The Paradise Complex:
An Exploration of the Forbidden. Hardback novel, 327 pages published by Element Books, UK 1997. This book was a tongue-in-cheek examination of ideas found in The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Richard Leigh’s international best seller published by Cape.   

 Jesus the Heretic:
Hardback nonfiction, 394 pages published by Elements Books, UK 1997. This book dealt with the problem of Jesus’ Jewish, sectarian background, and Christianity’s historical/theological dilemma in attempting to deal with this thorny issue.

 The Dark Side of God:
Hardback nonfiction, 331 pages published by Element Books, UK 1999. This book dealt with the problem of evil as perceived through the Christian imagination, and attempted to correct what the author perceived as a psychological/historical faultline in Christian thinking.    

 Going Beyond the Jesus Story: An Examination of Christian Belief, Mystical Experience and the Ongoing Development of Conscious Awareness.
Paperback edition, 380 pages published by O-Books, UK,  2011. This book was a study of the meditative/contemplative tradition stemming from the early Christian monasteries in conjunction with present-day studies of the same in psychology and philosophy.

 The Mar Saba Codex: A New Kind of Fiction for the New Century.
Paperback novel, 662 pages published by O-Books UK, 2011. This book is a fictional study of Catholicism’s claim to ultimate truth through the eyes of multiple characters both for and against such a claim. It is, in essence, an intellectual thriller whose cliff-hangers are ideas as well as situations.

 Literary endorsement for differing portions of my published works have come from such as Lawrence Durrell, Brian Aldis, Colin Wilson and Richard Leigh, academic endorsement from professors Jeff Malpas, Jan Pakulski, Marcello Stamm, Warwick Fox and Ravi Vindra. Some of the aforementioned  have already read and evaluated the first two volumes of The Perennial Philosophy Revisited, their conclusions added to those particular volumes and other earlier writings. Further endorsement will be forthcoming for volume three.  

 Due to the demise of Element Books in 1999, copies of Douglas’ most recent works can now only be obtained through Amazon or Ebay, although some public libraries still stock them. Paperbacks will hopefully be available soon.