Articles, Interviews, and Academic Papers

These were written over the last few years in response to the rise of fundamentalist and evangelical Christian ideas.
Douglas believes such ideas are detrimental to a proper understanding of Christianity’s origins and evolution.
The Church’s masterstroke in defining the human psyche as the underworld

An examination of ‘out-of-body experience’ and the subconscious will

The Myth of Apostolic Authority:
The power of a lie when it is a thumping big one.

The Historical Whitewash
An examination of the historical origins of the Roman Catholic Church.

Comments on Joan Bakewell’s BBC Documentary on the Resurrection of Jesus

The Lost Secret of Christianity:
A technical reappraisal of ‘attention and ‘awareness’ in a Christian context.

Homo Mysticus:
The anti-conventional, anti-collective and anti-dogmatic nature of mysticism.

Pell-mell to Hell::
Cardinal Pell’s Apostolic Assumptions – Getting Down to the Historical Basics.

The Manichaean Synthesis and its Philosophical Implications

Rebel with a Cause:
George Pell and the brothers Jensen.

Famous Reporter Interview with Ralph Wessman.

Reincarnation: Fact or Fallacy?

Rescuing Jesus from the Church

The Nazoraean Sect and its Independence from Christianity

Tracking Down Jesus in Santa Rosa:
with Karen Armstrong, Don Cupitt, John Shelby Spong and Lloyd Geering.

The Price of Christmas: Reconnecting with the innocence of childhood.

Going Beyond the Jesus Story: What I used to believe.